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About Us

Paul Lanthorn, Owner of Lanthorn Plumbing

Hello My name is Paul Lanthorn, as the owner of Lanthorn plumbing, it is my duty to lead by example. I have always been very passionate about working with my hands and problem solving. Plumbing has always been a form of instant gratification for me. You see a problem, solve it, fix it; instant gratification takes place when I’m able to witness the happiness and relief on the customer’s face. I work in the service field because I can not get that gratification doing anything else.

Working as a team at Lanthorn Plumbing we pride ourselves in bringing honesty and integrity to our Hampton Roads community. Being able to grow my team to expand to serve the communities of Portsmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia beach, Franklin, Isle of wight county, and beyond has truly been a pleasure. My team and I pride ourselves in honesty and integrity and truly taking pride in our work. When we enter your home we treat it as if it were our own, only using the best products and the most affordable prices. For my team of plumbers it was important for me that they were well versed in the history of hampton roads, why? Because it is so important when it comes to solving a plumbing problem. Homes in Virginia Beach differ from homes in Portsmouth, homes in Suffolk differ from homes in Norfolk. All areas in Hampton Roads are different, some have been built up in the last few years and have newer plumbing, which brings new problems. Then you have the beautiful historic areas with really historic plumbing. Knowing the difference in the areas of our community really set us apart from other plumbers.

Working with honesty and integrity, never being satisfied with good enough and always looking for new ways to grow individually. Being able to grow my team of plumbers Portsmouth VA and serve more of this beautiful community has truly been a joy. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to serve our customers and grow a company that is dedicated to serving their community. At Lanthorn Plumbing you will not find me in the truck full time as I am managing the crew, doing on going training, and handing any issues that may occur. However, I do love the opportunity to get back into the field every once in a while and flex my plumbing skills! Through taking emergency calls I am able to maintain my plumbing abilities while also being able to solve a very stressful situation for my customers. This also helps with team building with my plumbers Portsmouth VA as they see that I am always willing to jump in and get my hands dirty to get the job done! As we grow this company, as a family man myself, I am committed to bringing you high quality consistent work that you can rely on no matter how many customers we are serving. Through training and accountability, our values as a company will never be compromised as we strive to give our customers the best experience possible.

Why I Got Into The Industry

Unfortunately, as plumbers Portsmouth VA we constantly hear horror stories from our customers about their experience working with contractors or plumbers in the past. We understand that there is a reputation in our industry that we are a bunch of scammers who are only looking to take advantage of our customers. Let me tell you that this is why I got into this industry! I saw a need for a team of plumbers Portsmouth VA that are committed to the customers experience and providing affordable honest high quality solutions. We operate with the mindset of treating our customers as if they are our own family and respecting their homes as if it is our own. We do not sell our customers things they do not need and do not just provide cookie cutter solutions. We are skilled plumbers Portsmouth VA that are experts in our trade and because of that we are able to come up with solutions that other companies may not be able to supply. With Lanthorn Plumbing the customer is always in control as we walk them through the issue and give them multiple options, they then decide what it is that they feel is best for them. Through communication and customer service we are able to help change the reputation of contractors and plumbers, one good experience at a time! We would love the opportunity to be able to provide to you an experience that blows every other interaction with a contractor out of the water! Give us a call today so we can get you on the schedule and get your problem solved with ease!

Vision for the Company

At Lanthorn Plumbing we understand that it is not just our town of Portsmouth that currently deals with plumbers Portsmouth VA that are taking advantage of their customers or providing low quality services. We know that this is an issue for the entire Suffolk area and the majority of the country. That is why we are always looking for ways that we can expand our reach and serve more customers. We also strive to be your one stop shop for all things plumbing so that you have a team of plumbers Portsmouth VA that you can count on no matter what the job entails! From commercial plumbing to drain cleaning, once you have found Lanthorn you will never have to worry about looking for another plumbing company ever again! Through ongoing education and training we are able to expand our services often while also improving our efficiency as a company! If you are wondering what makes Lanthorn Plumbing different from all the other plumbers Portsmouth VA we would love for you to take a look at our Why Us page or give us a call so that we can get you scheduled and show you the Lanthorn Plumbing difference first hand!

Why You Should Work Here!

With a growth mindset in everything that we do, at Lanthorn Plumbing we are always looking for plumbers Portsmouth VA to add to our team! As we grow and expand our services it is vital that the team we have are top notch and willing to hold themselves to the Lanthorn Plumbing standards. We always invite new skills and ideas to the company, but what we value most in plumbers Portsmouth VA is their character. We care way more about the attitude you bring to work everyday compared to the skills you bring to the table. Having a crew that are positive communicators, customer service oriented, and hard working individuals allows Lanthorn Plumbing to give our customers an elevated experience from all the other plumbing companies around. If you are someone who shows up on time, is passionate about delivering the best customer experience possible, and have a coachable mindset we would love to bring you onto our team of plumbers Portsmouth VA. If you are perpetually late, generally snarky, and have a hard time with feedback then please do not apply. At Lanthorn Plumbing we are a family that works together and is dedicated to our customers, we are also dedicated to giving our employees a work environment that they can thrive in. If you believe you would be a good fit for our team we would love for you to give us a call or apply through the form on our contact page or on indeed. We will get back to you as soon as possible to see if it would be a good fit not just for us but for you too as we want you to feel like this a place you can grow in for a very long time!