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Repair Your Plumbing

                          with Our Drain Cleaning Services

Solve your plumbing problems with drain cleaning and leak repair services from Lanthorn Plumbing in Suffolk, Virginia. Our plumbing company provide drain cleaning and leak detection along with comprehensive repairs for residential and commercial plumbing systems. Contact us at (757) 729-4775 to tell us about your drain cleaning needs.

Drain Cleaning
Unclog your drains with the help of our professionals. We offer snake and camera cleaning to show you the clog and then eradicate it with water jet services.

Leak Detection
Find leaks in your building by calling Lanthorn Plumbing. We locate leaks in slabs, walls, and the ground and then provide repairs for your convenience. Our experts also repair leaky faucets and fixtures to meet your needs. It is our goal to provide services that don't damage your existing plumbing structure. Call us today to schedule leak detection and repair.

Drain Cleaning, Drain Cleaning in Suffolk, VA

Fixture Replacement
Replace your old and broken fixtures with new products from Lanthorn Plumbing. We replace all types of faucets and fixtures or provide upgrades for your current fixtures. Contact us today to ask about installing touchless and foot-operated controls to your sink.

Pipes, Drain Cleaning in Suffolk, VA

Call us at (757) 729-4775 to take advantage of our services today.